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About us Graphite Business Management

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For the past thirty five years, we have provided solutions for businesses ranging from £3m through to £750m.

Our business is proud to deliver a global reach with a local touch, our work includes successful projects in the UK, USA, China, Australia and Middle East.

We help companies sidestep the most glaring pitfalls that can lead to program collapse.

Our direct, gritty, truth-telling approach helps companies deliver their toughest execution challenges.

We’ve seen it all – everything from helping innovative startups launch, to working with large global companies delivering strategic business initiatives worth hundreds of millions of pounds.

Never to big ..... or to small, Graphite Business Management are a call away.

Graphite Business Management Business Solutions

Business Solutions

Hands on solutions when you feel you're at a loss. Whatever your challenge, we can turn your business and deliver success...... GUARANTEED 

Graphite Business Management Business Coach

Business Coach

Executive Coaching that supports you in achieving your desired ‘next level’. Holding you to account and setting smart goals that deliver results 


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